Let ART & FACES WESTERN PHOTOGRAPHY put you in the era of the wild west and old south with an original WESTERN themed picture. The studio is located at the CHULA VISTA CENTER in Chula Vista, San Diego. All of our costumes are exact replicas of the fashion from the late 17th century to the late 18th century, more appropriately known as the, " Wild West." Our photographers and assistants have been trained to pose each sitting in the most realistic manner and expression for the time. So by all means, look at our portfolio, then relax and have fun as we take you back to the thrilling days of the Wild West! . It is fun, affordable, and with a variety  of costumes from infants to adults, there is something for every one! Make a memory that will last forever.

  Western & Antique

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Our studio  is located at the CHULA VISTA CENTER in Chula Vista, San Diego.
For over 11 years ART & FACES ANTIQUE PHOTOGRAPHY has created fun family experiences for hundreds of visitors, many of them repeat customers.
​We allow you and your family to have some fun as you take a trip through time with costume and photography. Our ANTIQUE portraits are offered in classic sepia, tint, or black and white tones that give an old-fashioned look. The sepia tone simulates the look of portraits from the earliest days of photography.  The tint color gives portraits the appearance of more subtle color being added, as if hand tinted. 



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